Delivering Professional Services in IT

The Thought Lynx web site is currently under construction, but here is what we're delivering to your Technical Professional Services field teams.

Working in a technical role within the field --for well-known IT vendors-- holds much responsibility, and requires many skills and a range of experiences to successfully navigate.

The people that use products from IT vendors are technies. Techies are creative and love problem solving, and hacking on stuff -- and can become quite passionate about it!

This is why techies are the people IT vendors need in the field, helping their customers use their products face to face, in real time.

Vendors recognise this, and have begun to see the need for a new type of training approach where they can bring people up to speed more rapidly, and through time build a solid team of experts that are able to gain the trust of their customers.

We have a simple mission:
* Help technies become effective and efficient Technical Account Managers and Consultants, working "in the field" - face to face with customers.

Using our training programmes, IT vendors can hire technies who want to make the switch from the back-end to the front-end, and teach them the trade quickly, seeing a faster return on investment, as you drive up the success rate of new hires.

We'll teach them how to handle all stages of the Account Management Life Cycle, providing extensive coverage of its critical aspects, and we'll discuss a number of approaches to getting the job done.

I'm currently working on customer projects (hence the lack of a proper web site), and would be happy to speak to you for training and consultancy services for later in 2019/early 2020. Please reach out to Stuart Winter directly.